Dragon Boat FAQs

Dragon Boat Festival

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I participate if I’m not with a team or organized group?

Maybe – We will try to accommodate individuals who are not with a team or group but would like to participate in racing. We will take your name, ask you to make a $100 deposit (by Check) and we will try to form a dragon boat team for you with others not with a team. If we are unable to get you on a team, we will notify you before the Festival and refund your deposit. Email Scott at sjk@gildasclubnh.org

What is the minimum age to participate?

13 years of age. 

How many people do we need for a team and can we change who is paddling on our team for a race?

A team consists of 20 paddlers and 1 drummer. We recommend having a team roster of between 20-24 individuals.

If an individual is listed on the team roster submitted, you can change who is paddling in any given race. You may not add individuals to your roster once it has been submitted.

Who is running the race competition?

22Dragons, a company from Montreal, Canada provides the boats, all the necessary paddling, and safety equipment and will run the practices and the races. They are one of Canada’s largest dragon boat racing clubs, and with 22Dragons USA Inc, North America’s leading dragon boat racing event service providers. Click here to visit their website.

Who do we race against?

You will race against other teams based on how you registered – high schools will race against high schools; community boats will race against community boats; corporate boats will race against corporate boats. Each boat group will have an overall DBF champion.

How long is the racecourse?

The racecourse will be approximately 200 meters (about two football fields) in length. It will take about two to three minutes to complete a race.

Will we have a chance to practice paddling and working as a team with a dragon boat?

Yes! Each team can participate in a racing “how-to” seminar and one hour of practice during the week of the Festival with a 22Dragons Coach. Your Team Captain will be informed of your practice’s date and time (which will be an evening time the week before the Festival). You should try to have all your team members attend.  


Who steers the boat?

Good question – Teams do not need to worry about steering. A 22Dragons Staff Member will be on each racing boat to do the steering. Your team will handle the paddling and drumming!

How many times do we race?

Each team will race a minimum of three (3) times.

How long is the racing day?

The racing will take place from approximately 10 am – 3 pm. There will be a mid-day break.

What is a Survivor Boat?

A survivor boat is a team of individuals who have all battled some form of cancer.

Will there be food and beverages available?

Local vendors in the Weirs Beach/Boardwalk area will be open. Teams and guests are welcome to bring pop-up tents, blankets, chairs, food etc. to make themselves comfortable!

If you have other questions, please contact Scott (603) 387-6775 –  sjk@gildasclubnh.org