The Actual Dance

The Actual Dance is an award-winning play that moves audiences worldwide to laugh, cry and then cheer. It’s a love story about a husband who struggles as his wife battles breast cancer. The hour-long performance features original music and choreography.

We’ll be showing it online via Zoom Thursday, 10/29/2020 at 6:30pm.

The Actual Dance is  written and performed by Sam Simon. It is has been called raw and difficult, yet graceful and inspirational. The show is also a workshop on how to find the beauty, dignity and love in one of the most difficult tasks in life: being with the person you have loved most in the world through the end of life. In the spring of 2000, Sam’s wife Susan was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. That diagnosis and subsequent treatments took both of them on a roller coaster ride that moved from elation to despair and back again. The Actual Dance is a presentation of that ride from Sam’s perspective. The Actual Dance itself offers a perspective not often found, that of the “partner” of the person confronted with life-threatening disease. It is also a male voice in the breast cancer journey facing so many people, primarily women. The performance will be followed by a discussion, a time when the audience gets to verbalize their own feelings and reactions not only to the play but to their own journey and experiences. 

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