COVID-19 and Cancer

For many people who have cancer and compromised immune systems, this can be a time of anxiety. We’ve gathered some resources to help you find answers and information from trusted sources.

Cancer Support Community

The Cancer Support Community has an excellent blog with a variety of topics related to cancer support, advocacy, research and more. It’s well worth the time to both visit regularly!

Most recently, they published a blog post that includes a host of additional resources. Read: What Cancer Patients, Survivors and Caregivers Need to Know About Coronavirus.

Cancer Support Community Radio Show

The CEO of the Cancer Support Community, Kim Thiboldeaux, also hosts a radio show every Tuesday at 4pm on cancer-related topics. You can tune in every week as well as access replays of past topics. Recently, Kim hosted a show entitled Spotlight on Coronavirus: Your Questions Answered that’s very timely and informative.

Additional Resources

In addition to the resources from the Cancer Support Community, here two additional resources with excellent Q&A:- National Cancer Institute Coronavirus: What People with Cancer Should Know– American Cancer Society Questions to Ask Your Health Care Team About Cononavirus. Stay safe and healthy! Pat


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